Michelle  started writing HACCP plans in 2013 in response to the growing food safety requirements and needs of chefs and food production facilities. She received her HACCP Certification from NC State and has written plans under county, state and federal jurisdictions.  

Previous to pursuing a her HACCP consulting business, Michelle has, and continues to work as a Network Administrator for the past 12 years. 

Michelle was born and raised in Charlotte, NC and is a passionate food and wine enthusiast. Her desire to support local farms and the environment shows through in her beekeeping efforts, which she as been doing since 2008.  Since then Michelle has grown from one small hive to 95 hives that are tucked away on her family’s 100 acre farm in South Carolina. In 2009 she founded ThinkBees; a pure and natural honey supplier that provides honey to NC restaurants. 

One of Michelle’s most beloved past times is caring for her two beautiful King Charles Spaniels, Stella and Rocky. She also enjoys entertaining with friends and family while keeping her mind, body and spirit in the practice of yoga. 



Co-founder of the Piedmont Culinary Guild in 2012, Kris Reid currently serves as its Executive Director. A native of Los Angeles, she received her culinary education in Guadalajara, Mexico, from The New School of Cooking in LA and holds two degrees from Johnson & Wales University.

In an effort to bring local food to institutional foodservice, Kris served as the Food Coordinator for Carolina Farm Stewardship Association from 2009 to 2015. In addition, she was the Executive Chef at Southminster from 2010-2014. There, she received the NC Leading Age Dining Services Award for her work, which included turning an institutional-style frozen food dining experience into a fresh food program that embraces cook-to-order restaurant style cuisine. 

Transitioning from institutional food service, Kris served as the Director of Operations for modPALEO – a Carolina-based, packaged meal service, which operates under HACCP and is under USDA and FDA jurisdiction. 

Kris is passionate about supporting chefs with HACCP plans so that they can be allowed to do the thing they do best- innovate! 

Partners and Food Safety Friends 

Melissa A. Swanson - MAS Food Safety Experts

Melissa is a 1995 graduate of West Virginia University, where is she received a degree in Journalism Public Relations.  She founded Occasions Catering in 1998 which specializes in corporate
drop off catering.  Melissa became a certified teacher and proctor of the ServSafe exam in 2012; she is accredited by the National Restaurant Association.  She also teaches food handler classes (which is a simplified/novice version of ServSafe) and performs “mock” health inspections for food and beverage operations.    Melissa prides herself on her confidentiality when working with other owners and managers.  She brings her passion for serving safe food in the cleanest possible environment to every client she meets and every class she teaches.

RAMPS is a proud supporter of Piedmont Culinary Guild (PCG), a network of chefs, farmers and artisans throughout the region working to connect the food chain. RAMPS will be setting aside a percentage of every HACCP plan we write and giving that to PCG's 'HACCP Scholarship Fund'. This fund will allow chefs to compete for a HACCP Plan of their own. Broadening the opportunity for culinary innovation and securing public health.